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IBM Policies


IBM Order Process requirement for Machine Code license changed February 2014

IBM Machine Code Updates for Power Systems, System X and Storage clarification February 2014

IBM Policy on MICROCODE updates October 2012

IBM Policy on Reestablishment of Maintenance November 2012

IBMLink 2000, , is available for registered IBMLink users in the United States. IBMLink 2000 is an updated version of the present IBMLink using IBM's WebSphere, DB2 and MQSeries products. It features a new sign-on system using IBM's universal registration system and one click access to IBMLink applications. The applications rearchitected to run on the IBMLink 2000 platform are:

1. All of the ServiceLink applications (ASAP, AST, ETR, PCR, PSP, SIS, SRD)
2. Feedback
5. Schedules (with three new functions)
6. Two MRPD applications (MRReport and SCL)
7. MRPDplus
8. Inventory Services
9. IBM Configurator for e-business (e-config)
10. Price - Users should delete any existing bookmarks for Price. Then, log on to IBMLink 2000, access Price, and create a new bookmark for the application.
11. Price390ESW
12. News

An IBM ID is required to access IBMLink 2000. Click here to register for IBMLink 2000

Click here for more information about IBMLink 2000

We encourage you to get an IBM ID and begin using IBMLink 2000.

Guidelines for use of non-IBM parts in IBM equipment can be found in the IBM MSSB ( Multiple Systems Supplier Bulletin), which is available by clicking on the following link. Click here to view the IBM MSSB Announcement.


Some AS/400 Licenses are being traded in the market place that are not valid.  They may not be valid for a number of reasons:


1.    The system they have come from has been upgraded to a higher OS level In which case, the paperwork for the previous release should have been destroyed


2.    The POEs may not match the License key sheets


3.    There is a License key sheet, but no POE


To guard yourselves against buying invalid Licenses, it is recommended that the following steps be taken to validate the Licenses on offer to you:


1.    Check the serial number of the system with the License Key Centre to find out what release of software is showing on the IBM system. This will confirm whether the paperwork matches the system.

- If the paperwork is at a lower release, then this software is not available for sale and the paperwork should be destroyed.


2.    Email the License Key Centre copies of the paperwork (both POE and License key) to confirm their validity.


3.    Do not allow anyone to transfer the Licenses for you. If you have the correct paperwork, IBM will be able to transfer the software for you.

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